10 Christmas movies to watch and watch again on Amazon Prime Video

D-Day has finally arrived! And to extend the holiday spirit beyond Christmas, what better than embarking on a marathon of good movies? For the occasion, Amazon Prime Video offers many achievements. Among them a classic: The Grinch “. In Ron Howard’s feature film, Jim Carrey slips into the skin of this green creature who hates Christmas. This then gives the answer to the sweet Cindy Lou, played by Taylor Momsen (Gossip Girl).

Another must-see movie on Amazon Prime,” Christmas harmony “. This romance features “A young woman betrayed by her fiance, a successful singer, returns to her hometown and reconnects with her family, her friends and her true values. » In the same spirit, you can also see ” english christmas ” Where ” A fresh start to Christmas “. The latter tells the story of Kabir, “a lonely New York medical student, estranged from his wife and grieving the loss of his mother. When he meets Kioni, a charming film student from Kenya, she persuades him to show her the city’s Christmas decorations, leading him to rediscover the magic of Christmas and get your life back on track.”

Did you like “A Christmas Prince”? You should love” My prince is coming for Christmas “. Besides, ” The holidays is also a classic to watch and watch again this holiday season. A 5-star cast, a rosewater plot between England and the US… What more could you ask for!


And if you want to bet on news, Amazon Prime has pulled out with ” One ring for two », « When fate intervenes “or” Your Christmas or mine “. Finally, ” Good fuck! is a good choice if you want to laugh while enjoying the magic of Christmas.


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