11 November: why do the British wear a poppy in their buttonhole during commemorations?

In France, during the ceremonies organized on the occasion of November 11, it is customary for personalities, including the President of the Republic, to wear a “Blueberries from France“. On the other side of the canal it is a”poppy“, the poppy used as an emblem to commemorate the First World War. Every year, the British wear this red flower by the millions, proudly attached to their buttonhole, in memory of the soldiers who died in the war.

This symbol derives its source from the battlefields of northern France. While there were few poppies in Flanders, the bombardments turned the soil upside down, which became rich in lime, favoring the appearance and then the spread of poppies. After the war, the lime was then absorbed and the poppies disappeared again. As an illustration of life in the middle of the battlefield, the poppy gave hope to soldiers during the war.


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