142 people rescued in 24 hours in La Manche

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About 142 people on board several boats were rescued off Calais, northwest of France, on the night between Friday and Saturday as well as during the day on Saturday, the Maritime Prefecture of the Channel and the Sea du Nord revealed in a press release.

“On the night of Friday November 11 to Saturday November 12, 2022 and during the day to Saturday November 12, the Regional Operational Surveillance and Rescue Center (Cross) Gris-Nez identified several boats in difficulty off the Pas- de-Calais”, we could read in the press release.

The French and Belgian police have thus, according to the press release, since Friday evening found several shipwrecked persons, “who were subsequently deposited in Dunkirk and Calais in western France.

“Once docked, the shipwrecked are taken care of by the department’s fire and rescue service (Sdis) and the border police (PAF)”, adds the press release.

In addition, “the maritime prefect for the Channel and the North Sea warns anyone planning to cross the Channel of the risks incurred” by recalling that “this maritime sector is one of the busiest areas in the world with more than 400 merchant ships passing through it daily, and the weather conditions are often difficult (120 days of winds greater than or equal to force 7 in an annual average, for example), it is therefore a particularly dangerous sector, especially during a period when the water temperature begins to drop. ยป

— Agreement between France and the United Kingdom

The fate of illegal immigrants attempting to cross the Channel from France to reach Britain is often a source of conflict between the two countries.

However, the foreign ministers agree to find a lasting solution. In addition, French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna and her British counterpart James Cleverly, who met in Paris to celebrate the ceasefire, published a joint communique to announce “progress” in the negotiations.

“There is an urgent need to tackle all forms of illegal immigration, including makeshift boat crossings and to tackle their root causes,” the press release explained, before welcoming “the progress towards an important new France-France agreement. It United Kingdom”.

According to official figures, since the beginning of the year, 40,000 people have already tried to cross the channel to reach the island.

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