2 films added to Amazon Prime Video as of September 19, 2022

Are you always looking for the latest in your streaming platform Amazon Prime Video? If this is the case, you will surely not miss the program for the week of September 19. Although quantitatively it is quite meager, there is still nothing to complain about in terms of quality.

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So don’t miss the additions of the two films to see this week on the Amazon Prime Video SVOD platform.

After: Chapter 4 (September 23)

Genre: romance

Directed by: Castile Landon

Synopsis: Tessa is at her wit’s end in her relationship with Hardin. The latter seems to be a lost cause and Tessa wonders if she should try everything to save what’s left of their relationship. But is it still possible? Is it really worth it? For his part, Hardin has been brooding for a while.

And his condition has gotten worse since being stuck in London following his mother’s wedding. Tessa meanwhile has no choice but to return to Seattle. As Tessa returns to Seattle, she unexpectedly finds herself having to deal with tragedy. With all these obstacles in front of them, will they be able to take a step towards each other and find their chemistry?

Ad Astra (September 19)

Genre: Science fiction

Director: James Gray

Synopsis: Astronaut Roy McBride has just been given a mission that could prove crucial for the future of humanity. And against all odds, this new mission is linked to his father Clifford McBride. Like him, his father was an astronaut. But during a search mission carried out 16 years ago, he simply disappeared without a trace.

After this tragedy where everything led to believe that Clifford had perished, NASA thinks there is a good chance that he survived. Informed of this possibility, Roy agrees to travel to the outer reaches of space to find his missing father. At the same time, the found will allow NASA to obtain information on a mysterious threat to planet Earth.


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