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4 amazing numbers about Microsoft and its co-founder Bill Gates

Microsoft is a juggernaut in the world of technology and its co-founder as well. Bill Gates is a genius of his time. So here are 4 incredible figures about Microsoft and Bill Gates.

113 billion dollars

According to the Bloomberg agency, Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, would have a fortune of 113 billion dollars. He is therefore the third richest person in the world after Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. The 67-year-old has been dedicated to his Bill-and-Melinda-Gates foundation since 2007.

2200, 2 billion and 1.3%

That’s the number of employees Microsoft will have in 2022. Employees who generate more than $2 billion in revenue for the company each year. A very nice figure, which of course helped to enrich Bill Gates, who today owns 1.3% of the company after the investors’ purchase of shares.

1 million a day in 400 years

Know that Bill Gates is so rich that it would take this genius man about 400 years to sell his entire fortune if he spent $1 million a day. Incredible…

30%, a figure for parity

At Microsoft, 30% of employees are currently women. A modality that seemed important to mention since, let’s remember, the computer world is still and unfortunately very closed to women. Microsoft is one of the companies of its kind that employs the most women in its company.




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