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5 tips for choosing the best car insurance company

Are you hesitating between two car insurance policies? Between the cheapest and another formula for example? Do you know there are tips for finding the best car insurance company? From the study of prices, through reviews and coverage, nothing will escape you to choose the right car insurance company.

I find the best insurance company for my car

1) Research the prices for the different insurance companies

To choose the best car insurance company, one of the first selection criteria is the price. This varies according to the guarantees: the more there are, the higher the price. The price also varies depending on the use you have of your vehicle and your annual mileage.

Don’t forget: driving without car insurance is a criminal offense punishable by a fine of €3,750 and one or more additional penalties (community work, up to 3 years suspension of driving license, daily fine…). Once the various rate proposals have been examined, don’t jump at the cheapest insurance policy! Other criteria must indeed be taken into account.

2) Compare the levels of car insurance guarantees

There are several levels of guarantees and they vary according to the car insurance formulas. Let’s start with the basic formula that anyone who owns a vehicle must take out: liability insurance or third-party insurance, which covers all damage to the vehicle to others, people or objects.

Very often insurance companies offer to supplement this mandatory basis with essential guarantees, such as the driver’s guarantee. It is often also possible to benefit from guarantees for damage to the vehicle (theft, glass breakage, fire, natural disasters): this is intermediate insurance.

However, to have a more complete insurance, it is recommended to choose the all-risk insurance, which represents the most protective level of guarantee. It is ultimately THE best car insurance. The majority of the material damage caused to the insured vehicle is thus covered, also in the event of an accident without third-party liability. You will also be able to choose car insurance options to improve your coverage.

3) Consider the discounts offered by the insurance company

Are you a good driver? It will then be possible to pay less for your car insurance according to your bonus-malus. With some insurance companies, such as Matmut, your bonus is not limited to 50% regulatory bonus but continues to increase up to 65%. Interesting isn’t it? At Macif, good drivers can benefit from a maximum reduction of 10% on the amount of their contribution if there is no claim.

Good to know: If you have home insurance, you may be able to get a reduction by choosing the same insurance company.

4) Trust the opinions of other drivers

Among the criteria that will help you make the right choice: comments and feedback from other drivers. Reviews are often informative if you know how to sort through them. Focus on specific positive or negative aspects. Do your little research on the reputation of the insurance company that you think is best suited for your research.

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5) Take advantage of the insurance companies’ online services

Harness all the power of the Internet! Insurance organizations offer customer areas and applications where you will find a lot of personal and general information as well as advice. Thus, a smartphone will allow you to be geo-located by your insurance company in the event of a breakdown or accident on the highway, to report a car damage or even to carry out an accident report using e-report. If you are interested in these digital assets, choose a good digitalized car insurance company.



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