a human chain around parliament for Assange

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In London, a human chain of two and a half kilometers to demand the release of Julian Assange. Priti Patel, the former home secretary, approved the journalist’s extradition to the United States this summer. He faces life in prison. His lawyers filed a new appeal.

With our correspondent in London, Marie Boeda

A few thousand people hold hands and surround the British Parliament. In the background Big Ben under an autumn sun.

Stella Morris, wife of Julian Assange, is accompanied by their children. She waves to the crowd and runs through the human chain at a fast pace.

Jean-Paul lives in Versailles, he wanted to be present at the event. In this matter, he laments the silence of democratic countries, including France.

By coming together we can make things happen, in the face of extremely strong structures. But the colossus may have feet of clay.

Wrapped in her scarf, Suzanne chats with other participants.

I will defend freedom of speech. Julian Assange is in prison right now, but he has not been charged with anything. If these things are allowed to happen, then it can happen to anyone.

There is also Kristinn Hrafnsson, editor of WikiLeaks. He saw Julian Assange two days ago in his prison in Belmarsh.

I cannot describe the sadness I feel when I had to leave him. Julian is a robust man. It hasn’t broken yet.

But according to Stella Morris, extradition would push him to suicide.

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