a migrant reception center at the heart of the Sunak government’s first crisis

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In addition to the economic crisis, the British government faces criticism of its migration policy: On Saturday, a thousand migrants arrived on English shores, and the year 2022 has already beaten last year’s record.

From our correspondent in London,

The reception system for migrants is already saturated. There are not enough human resources to handle the arrivals. And it is the situation of one reception center in particular that worries NGOs and part of the political class: the Manston centre, located in a former military base in Kent, east of London. This center opened at the beginning of this year and it is not a shelter per se. People arriving at Dover, in the south of England, are directed there for diversion to e.g. hotels throughout the country.

Manston must be able to accommodate up to 1,600 people for a maximum of five days. However, the center appears to be largely overcrowded – 3,000 to 4,000 people, according to sources – with families forced to sleep on the floor for more than a month. Several cases of diphtheria and rabies have been reported.

the relevant Minister of the Interior

These disturbing conditions have worsened in recent weeks. For about eight weeks, corresponding to Suella Braverman’s arrival at the Home Office. This tough curator is obsessed with implementing the migration partnership relocation of the asylum system to Rwanda.

The role, the Home Secretary’s legal duty, is to ensure that migrants are transferred to accommodation such as hotels or dedicated centres. ” There are way too many people there and it should never have come to this.says Sir Roger Gale, the Conservative MP for Manston. I’m not sure it wasn’t intentional. The ministry says it is difficult to find accommodation. I now understand that it is a matter of policy that it has been decided not to reserve accommodation. »

The minister would thus have been warned more than three weeks ago that she was in the process of breaking the law and the ministerial act. But she didn’t fix it. Claims confirmed by the very serious times, but rejected by the Ministry of the Interior.

Discouraging asylum applications

But why would the minister break the law? And why is a deputy from her own camp accusing her? Suella Braverman aims for a drastic reduction in immigration. By blocking the transfer of migrants to more durable solutions and confining them in very harsh conditions, Suella Braverman is suspected by Roger Gale, by associations and by the opposition of wanting to discourage asylum seekers.

Especially since the minister is a controversial figure, even within her party. She had to withdraw from the Truss government ten days ago, after sending confidential documents to his personal email. Then she had been nominated again by Rishi Sunak last week. For some of the conservatives, it risks jeopardizing the serious government that Rishi Sunak has promised and the possibilities of Tories to rise in the opinion polls.

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