a really advantageous formula?

A major expense item in its car budget, insurance often makes people cringe. But should those who ride a bit turn to small rider insurance to really save money?

In these periods of inflation, the purchasing power of the French people is more than ever at the heart of everyone’s concerns. Exactly, the car remains, along with housing, an important source of expenditure for many households. Buy or rent, maintenance but above all insurance, so many costs that it is important to control as well as possible. With this in mind, insurance companies have understood that it is necessary to offer solutions adapted to everyone.

But to be regarded as a little rider, that is, a person who travels between 8,000 and 10,000 km per year, is it interesting to turn to these small wheel insurance? is there a economic interest ? And above all, what are these insurance for small riders ?

Customized small rider insurance

In practice, small rider insurance is sometimes mistakenly called “insurance per kilometer”. In general, these small wheel insurance policies are a pleasure for young people and/or seniors. This actually allows limit the contribution annual, quarterly or monthly of your insurance compared to a “classic” insurance. Perfect for the audience limited budget or who does only use their vehicle occasionally.

But since the health crisis, the rise of telecommuting After that soaring fuel pricesthose who can afford to drive less – especially in cities and suburbs – are also sometimes tempted to lower their insurance bill by choosing a low-rider formula.

In this context, small wheel insurance companies are trying to attract new customers. In order to attract all those who drive less than 8000 km per year, the insurance companies advertise savings of 10, 15 or even up to 30%compared to a conventional formula.

How do these small wheel insurances work?

For this type of car insurance, the member signs a contract. So far, there is not much different with traditional car insurance. The twist lies in the maximum distance you will be able to travel each year. As for a long-term rental, when you choose a small rider package, you must first accurately estimate your annual mileage. Knowing that he is better to have more than not enoughon pain of seeing the planned economy skyrocket.

In the case of unannounced overrunyou expose yourself to fines in addition to affected contractual franchisingbut also to one premium increase (change of mileage package or change to “unlimited”), or even termination of the contract, even if your bad faith is not established.

If the misrepresentation is deemed intentional, that is worse. You risk invalidity of the contractwhich means that all costs are borne by you: yours, but also the other party’s if you were at fault (Article L.113-8 of the Insurance Act).

Finally, if you plan to drive more or even drive less than planned, it is imperative to alert your insurance.

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Big savings up for grabs?

Shall we take the plunge? Of course, small wheel insurance offers – on paper – better prices than conventional formulas. Anyway, take it easy. If it is possible to make year-round savings on your insurance premium, it is important to take into account all “imperatives”. How to determine your needs correctly and, above all, to avoid the slightest misstep.

Finally, it is necessary to compare what is comparable. Request multiple quotes. Look carefully at the guarantees included in your contract and the possible options. The only way to effectively compare whether these small wheel insurance will give you big, and above all real, savings.

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