A wild bison has been born in Britain, the first for thousands of years

It’s a very nice surprise that the forest rangers in Kent (UK) got on September 9, reported Friday. The Guardian. As the British media reports, the rangers discovered that one of the females in the herd of wild bison had given birth out of sight. This is a real event, marking the first birth of a wild bison in England in…millennia!

In July 2022, three female bison were released into the Kent forest as part of a project to reintroduce the species. However, none of the ranks knew that one of them was waiting for a joyful event. “It had been a few days since we had seen Woman 2 and it sounded like a red flag because she is usually very confident and always among the first,” one of the ranks told the Guardian. So the man went looking for him in the forest.

A calf hides behind its mother

After an hour he found the bison at the edge of the trees and saw a small creature next to her. “I thought I saw a Munjac deer behind her and I thought, what is he doing so close to this female?”. After a few seconds, the ranger realized it was a newborn bison. A true miracle. However, the team waited a bit before revealing the birth to the general public, partly to ensure that the young animal was in good health, and partly because Britain had just learned of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The presence of these wild bison in Britain is intended to assess the role of the species in the ecosystem. But also to supply other European localities with mammals and thus diversify their genetic heritage. The 9,000 bison currently living on the continent are descended from just 12 zoo animals, says The Guardian.

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