According to a survey, one in five insured people is thinking of switching funds

A little more than one in five insured people can imagine switching health insurance, shows a study carried out after the announcement of the large premium increases. However, the respondents first consider saving on other budget items.

In addition to the 22% of respondents considering switching funds, 12% say they want to optimize the costs of their current fund. They are among the vast majority — about 66% — who do not plan to switch health insurance, consulting firm Accenture said in a statement Friday.

Before pulling the lever for savings in healthcare, respondents want to spend less on clothes, shoes, restaurants and hotels.

“It is likely that the impressions of the Covid pandemic have had a significant impact on the preferences expressed by consumers,” explains Marcel Thom, insurance specialist at Accenture, quoted in the press release. But one can also assume that ‘the absolute pain limit has not yet been reached for the premiums’.

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In late September, Health Minister Alain Berset announced that health insurance premiums would increase by an average of 6.6% in 2023. After four years of relative stability, this is a sharp increase. This is attributed to, among other things, the Covid pandemic as well as the catch-up effects due to postponed interventions due to the same pandemic.

The representative survey on box switching was carried out by the Link Institute at the request of Accenture. Between October 3 and 7, 1,064 people were interviewed throughout Switzerland. Accenture is active worldwide and, according to its own information, offers consultancy in around 40 branches.



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