Activision Blizzard Microsoft: CEO of Playstation tries everything to be heard!

Game news Activision Blizzard Microsoft: CEO of Playstation tries everything to be heard!

The soap opera about Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision-Blizzard continues again and again. While the major regulatory authorities around the world have to scrutinize this takeover, Jim Ryan, current CEO of Playstation, is trying to convince the various international commissions to oppose the transaction.

A game-changing takeover

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision-Blizzard has shaken many people in the video game sphere, starting with Playstation CEO Jim Ryan, who fears the immediate growth of his direct competitor. The main concern would be for Sony to lose the Call of Duty license, which remains undefeated every year at the top of sales on PS5 and PS4, and which, if the transaction is validated, could become exclusive to the Microsoft ecosystem.

Without actually opposing this takeover, Jim Ryan seeks above all to obtain an agreement from Microsoft, which will perpetuate the release of Call of Duty software on Playstation consoles. According to the CEO, Microsoft would only commit to three years at the moment, a situation he strongly dislikes. Since then, Phil Spencer and Jim Ryan have answered each other, directly or indirectly, on the subject and are at war intermittently. Last outing to date, this time it was Jim Ryan who reportedly went to the European Commission in Brussels to express his concerns about this takeover.

Jim Ryan meets the European Commission

According to Deal Reporter, Jim Ryan reportedly traveled to Brussels on September 8 to meet with members of the European Commission to share his concerns about the Activision-Blizzard takeover. The major authorities around the world are currently studying the file, to validate it or not. Also according to Deal Reporter, Google would also have met the European Commission to share the same fears that Jim Ryan perceived.

Recently, the Australian and New Zealand authorities had announced that they would postpone the date of their sentencing to investigate the takeover in more detail. As for the European Commission, the latter has set a first deadline of 8 November. Either it validates the file or it decides to start another investigation phase. We will therefore know more in the following months.

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