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Currently, saving money is an afterthought in the war. Christmas is fast approaching and you are looking for great deals. Amazon warehouse is a little nugget for bargain hunters.

What is Amazon Warehouse?

It often happens that Amazon customers order a product, but it does not suit them, and therefore they send it back. The American giant recovers it, but often the product has already been opened and its resale is difficult.

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This is how Amazon Warehouse was conceived as a service that recovers and resells at a reduced price the products that have not found their place with the people who bought them. Some of these objects are therefore already open or they may have a small claw. Note that even for these products, if you wish to change your mind after purchase, you still have 30 days to return them for a full refund.

What are the disadvantages?

Products purchased on this platform no longer have a legal warranty, but Amazon offers a 90-day warranty if the product breaks within this period with the option of a refund or repair.

In what condition does the product arrive?

Amazon classifies used goods into four categories:

  • Used – Like new: perfect condition, damaged packaging
  • Used – Very Good: In very good condition and may have been lightly used and works perfectly.
  • Used – Good: The item is in good condition with signs of moderate use and works perfectly.
  • Used – Acceptable: Item with pronounced signs of use, but still fulfills its primary purpose.

Currently, and until November 24th, you can take advantage of an additional 10% discount on used products. Discount is applied at checkout. You can see all the offers on the dedicated page Amazon warehouse.

Here are some products that are currently available and may sell out quickly:


Touch pad

Computer accessories


amazon renewed

We also draw attention to Amazon Renewed service which allows you to enjoy reliable refurbished products with a one-year warranty.

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