Advent International is preparing to buy Maxar and its constellation of observation satellites: Lines of Defense

Advent International, whose portfolio includes more than 400 companies (including Cobham), intends to acquire Maxar Technologies, a world leader in advanced space technology solutions and a leading satellite origin of the US National Reconnaissance Office.

Most Western nations have their own satellites, but their needs are not fully covered. Hence the use of private service providers that produce high-precision satellite data. Maxar, but also other companies such as Capella Space or Planet Labs, are among these service providers working for governments, NGOs, companies and research centers.

The transaction, which is currently being finalized, could reach $6.4 billion, according to a Maxar press release.

Advent, a venture capital firm founded in 1984, has already invested nearly $28 billion in defense, security and cyber over the past three years. It works to the benefit of the US government and its allies.


The acquisition of Maxar should allow it to accelerate its investments in its new generation of satellites (with a resolution of about 30 cm). Maxar could thus finance satellite 7 and 8 in the new constellation of satellites called Legion.

This constellation was originally supposed to have six satellites launched from 2021. After delays, the first two will be launched shortly, probably in January, by SpaceX.


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