after Tesla and SpaceX, here is the billionaire’s crazy new project

Elon Musk is rich, Elon Musk is ambitious and Elon Musk is a jack-of-all-trades. He is thus at the head of significant companies within electric cars (You are here), aviation (SpaceX) and social networks (Twitter). But the billionaire is already thinking of another very big one project.

Twitter in danger

Elon Musk is a silly character in the eyes of many, but he is above all a seasoned businessman. The richest man in the world has boundless ambitions and multiplies projects, each crazier than the next. In addition to his colossal fortune, the man is known for leading the company Tesla, which specializes in the construction of electric cars, but also SpaceX, a company that has established itself in the field of astronautics and space flight. . Through the latter, Elon Musk does not hide his desire to colonize Mars in the (also?) near future.

Later it is included takeover of Twitter for the sum of 44 billion dollars that the multi-billionaire stood out, the affair having been particularly rich in twists and turns and other legal entanglements. But it would take more to stop Elon Musk, who is already looking to the future. While he explains that he is trying to restore freedom of expression on the social network and improve its functionalities, the businessman from South Africa is already facing new difficulties.

The last days, Many tensions have arisen in connection with the moderation and compensation systems in Google Play and the App Store. Indeed, these do not sit well with Elon Musk, who fears that the Twitter application will be removed from these online stores. But don’t panic, the solution seems to have already been found.

An Elon Musk smartphone coming?

A few days ago, an American podcaster named Liz Wheeler wondered about the future of Twitter on the App Store and Google Play. On Twitter, she even went so far as to imagine that Elon Musk could launch his own smartphone in case of rejection of the application by these stores. To everyone’s surprise, the new head of Twitter replied that the possibility was quite possible.

I sure hope it doesn’t come to that, but yeah, if there’s no other choice, I’ll make an alternate phone

25 November 2022

[Liz Wheeler] : If Apple and Google ban Twitter from their app stores, Elon Musk should produce his own smartphone. Half the country would gladly give up their iPhones and Androids. This man is building rockets to go to Mars, a stupid smartphone should be child’s play, not true ?

[Elon Musk] : I really hope it doesn’t come to that, but yeah, if there is no other choice i will set up an alternate phone

If Apple and Google were to officially announce the removal of Twitter from their respective stores (remember they take a 30% commission from the €8 the ID tag costs), the success of Elon Musk’s plan B is far from guaranteed. Launching a new “alternative” smartphone also involves the development of a whole new ecosystem, which requires precious time and a lot of resources. Let us also remember that many have already broken their teeth there, like Facebook and its “Fire Phone” in 2014.

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