Against lack of electricity and cuts, Amazon has the solution!

News good plan Against lack of electricity and cuts, Amazon has the solution!

If you are worried about a lack of power and you don’t want to be interrupted, there is a solution that involves playing a little sport. Surprisingly, it is possible to buy the same devices as in train stations to charge your phone using your feet.

Electricity shortage: charge your phone with your feet thanks to a dynamo

Electricity shortages and thus power outages unfortunately seem inevitable this winter. In order to anticipate and not run out of batteries, it is possible to use a foot dynamo, which thus makes it possible to combine sports and electricity production.

The generator is thus offered on Amazon for 288.36 euros. It allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously while continuing to pedal.

Buy the generator for €288.36 at Amazon

The sports generator that fights the lack of electricity

This power generator is a win/win. You can both charge your electronic devices and play sports at the same time. It is recommended to do regular activity during the day. So why not stay at your desk, continue working and exercising. The bonus is that you generate power!

The idea actually sounds fantastic, but the reality is quite logical. We don’t do anything with our feet when we’re in the office. In addition, the pedal board will not reduce our concentration, it can even help us concentrate better.

For the technical aspect, it has two USB outputs to connect your devices. The outputs are distributed as follows: 5 V/3 A, 9 V/2.5 A, 12 V/2 A and a 1-35 V DC output. The construction is quite heavy, which gives very good stability. It weighs 3,125 kg.

The ideal is to step on the pedals to recharge an external battery. Even if it is still entirely possible to recharge your smartphone directly. It also provides better energy efficiency.

Buy the generator for €288.36 at Amazon

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