Ahead of Black Friday, “The Times” condemns working conditions in a “fast fashion” warehouse

“Prison.” “Never work here.” These are messages left by former employees on the floor of the Boohoo warehouse in Burnley, near Manchester. “Some on the site call themselves slaves,” Explain The times. For a month, journalist Tom Ball crossed from 18.00 to 06.00 this hangar of the British sign of fast fashion. ONE move characterized by two half-hour breaks. “including an unpaid one”, he specifies “physically and mentally exhausted by the experience.”

Tom Ball held the position of picks (literally “pickers”), or order pickers, paid £11 an hour (€12.75). “This rural-looking job title [en anglais] says nothing of the painful and demoralizing tasks it covers, to the point that employees are often treated less as human than as replaceable and drudgery.” When c

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