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Amazon: 31% flash discount on the Kindle e-reader

To take your library with you everywhere, and read comfortably even outdoors and in direct sunlight, you can count on Amazon’s Kindle e-reader, currently on sale. The Kindle’s screen reproduces the effect of paper as well as possible, and offers you comfortable and natural reading, without reflection: the matte effect is really reminiscent of that of a book, and the words stand out clearly on the page, as on a printed page. Note also that the front lighting is adjustable in intensity, and that your Kindle can adapt to all situations, whether you want to read in the dark, or in direct sunlight. Take advantage of the current offer on the Kindle e-reader at Amazon: it is 54.99 euros instead of 79.99 euros.

Amazon’s Kindle e-reader is at the crazy price of 54.99 euros

The Kindle is intended to replace a book, as best it can, and you can highlight passages, bookmark pages, as well as look up definitions or translations, without leaving your current page. The lightweight and compact Kindle can be read and handled with one hand, but with 8GB of storage, thousands of books are waiting for you, despite its small size. Note in passing that Amazon Prime subscribers benefit from hundreds of e-books on free loan thanks to their subscription. Finally, a single charge of your Kindle can keep you reading for weeks, up to four, and the eReader will fully charge in about four hours. Take advantage of this Kindle offer quickly, and carry your library in your pocket!

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