Amazon breaks the price of the Bose TV Speaker soundbar, which goes to the top of the site’s sales

As Christmas approaches, Amazon steps up its efforts for promotions: it’s a great opportunity to prepare gifts, but also, why not, to have fun ahead of time, as with the Bose compact soundbar TV speaker. Thanks to its size, the Bose soundbar can be installed anywhere, regardless of the size of your TV. Note that this bar has a remote control to easily adjust the settings and that it offers you the deep bass that Bose knows how to do, but also allows you to activate the dialogue mode, for clearer voices. Don’t miss this Amazon offer with the Bose TV Speaker soundbar for 249.99 euros instead of 299.95 euros.

Bose TV Speaker soundbar drops in price on Amazon

The Bose TV Speaker soundbar, on sale on Amazon right now, simply connects to your TV with an optical audio cable included in the box. If you prefer, you can choose an optional HDMI cable. Note that you can also use your TV remote to control the Bose soundbar if you don’t feel like juggling multiple remotes. Finally, if you want to use the Bose TV Speaker soundbar to listen to other content, such as your music, or use it occasionally with a laptop, you should know that this bar is compatible with Bluetooth 4.2. It thus gives you a range of approximately 9 metres, and allows you to listen to your content directly at the bar.

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