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Amazon Canada: an executive who had threatened to close a platform resigns

Amazon Canada’s public policy director James Maunder has announced he is leaving the company after threatening to shut down one of its e-commerce platforms if Ottawa decides to introduce tougher competition laws.

He announced this in a LinkedIn post on Wednesday, where he mentioned that it was a “tough” choice.

“I am so proud of what we have accomplished together and what the team has delivered to our suppliers and customers across Canada,” he wrote.

“That’s why my decision to leave Amazon was so difficult, especially now. But I leave with a tremendous sense of accomplishment and excitement for the future—for myself and for the team,” he added.

Mr. Maunder was responsible for Amazon Canada’s lobbying efforts for just over two years.

The move came weeks after ‘The Logic’ got hold of a recording of Mr. Maunder, who said at a meeting in 2021 that Amazon would close Marketplace if Ottawa adopted ‘American-style’ changes to the competition law.

The Trudeau government had put forward the possibility of making changes to this law with the aim of limiting the powers of web giants such as Amazon or even Google.

“If Canada were to pass US-style antitrust legislation – the six bills currently in Congress – we have said the US marketplace would be closed. You would see similar actions in Canada in response to similar policy measures,” the recording could be heard according to “The Logic.”

Amazon spokeswoman Kristin Gable did not say whether the CEO’s departure was related to the publication of the comments. “We appreciate everything James has done during his time with us and we wish him the best of luck in his next steps,” she said in a statement to the outlet.

Remember that Amazon Marketplace is an e-commerce platform that allows third parties to sell new and used products. Almost 40,000 sellers are on the Canadian version, launched in 2003.



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