Amazon chooses Airbus to complete its fleet of cargo planes

In order to deliver its packages as quickly as possible, Amazon Prime Air, the cargo airline of the Jeff Bezos company, announced the signing of a contract with Airbus on October 24, 2022. Under its terms, the company will be able to lease ten A330 aircraft in cargo format , with an American company specializing in aircraft leasing, Altavair.

To renew its aircraft fleet, Amazon relies on Airbus

Founded in 2016, Amazon Air is the airline that can deliver all the packages that Amazon users expect. Thanks to its fleet of almost 80 Boeing aircraft, it connects almost 80 different airports in Europe and America. In order to go even faster and connect more and more airports, the company has decided to acquire additional aircraft.

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While it is used to signing operating contracts with Boeing, the company has chosen Airbus, its European competitor, to complete its fleet. By the end of 2023, ten Airbus A330 freighters will be delivered. These aircraft, designed for passenger transport, will be converted into jumbo jets.

In a press release, Sarah Rhoads, vice president of Amazon Global Air, explains that this lease agreement with Airbus will also allow it to gradually renew its fleet of aircraft. ” At the same time, we will also begin phasing out some older devices that are nearing the end of their useful lives. These A330s will not only be the first of their kind in our fleet, but also Amazon Air’s newest and largest aircraft. “, she clarifies.

Amazon signs another partnership with a US airline

To ensure the operation and maintenance of these Airbus A330s, Amazon has also entered into a partnership with Hawaiian Airlines, a Hawaiian airline. Its aircraft will be piloted by this company’s flight attendants, who are used to operating this Airbus model in the passenger version. For Hawaiian Airlines, this contract is a way to generate more revenue, and its operations have faltered since 2020.

In order to deliver faster to its customers, Amazon has also thought of another service: Prime Air. This project had been put on stand-by after several controversies related to the poor working conditions to which the various employees were exposed. It has since been revived in Texas and California. It aims to offer a delivery service by drone avoiding the use of vans. The goal is to respond to the problem of the last mile in an ecological and logistical way.

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