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Amazon could buy a (very) big video game publisher

Amazon could make a takeover proposal for the publisher Electronic Arts (Battlefield, The Sims, Need for Speed).

We thought the video game war had calmed down for a few months. She could start again. As a reminder, the biggest companies in the sector and the GAFAM have been having fun for a while to take out the checkbook to monopolize the biggest video game publishers. Not only does this approach tend to make major franchises exclusive to certain platforms, but these can also be exploited in transmedia proposals.

In the field, no one has yet succeeded in doing better than Microsoft, which has chained the takeovers of Bethesda and Activision-Blizzard for crazy sums (respectively at 8.1 and 68.7 billion dollars). Enough to feed its famous Xbox Game Pass exclusives, and thus damn the pawn to its main competition: PlayStation.

Amazon enters the penalty area

From then on, the rumors do not stop raining compared to the last big publishers like Ubisoft, which seem to be waiting their turn to be redeemed. Ultimately, it looks like Electronic Arts is next in line.

Indeed, according to information from GLHFthe editor of Fifaof Battlefield or even sims could be offered a takeover proposal by Amazon. It must be said that the multinational of Jeff Bezos is trying somehow to impose itself, despite the gargantuan success of Twitch. Until then, its in-house studio, Amazon Games, has mostly experienced disappointments, with the recent exception of the MMO New World.

Battlefield 2042: PicturesMicrosoft prepares for response

Moreover, the acquisition of a company like Electronic Arts would not only serve to expand video games at Amazon. Faced with the success of series like The Witcher on Netflix, the brand has every interest in offering itself juicy licenses at adapt for its Prime Video streaming platform.

Since the appearance of the rumor, some sources are beginning to deny the information. According to CNBC News and journalist David Faber, Amazon reportedly did not make an offer to buy Electronic Arts. The reporter even clarified that Comcast (the group behind CNBC) itself made an offer which was ultimately unsuccessful. His sources connected to the case were not made aware of a possible takeover by Amazon. But it’s still slight to totally throw the rumor out of hand.

Finally, there is the question of the place of Electronic Arts games in the future if the takeover is confirmed. Currently, Xbox is taking advantage of this following association of EA Play (the firm’s subscription service) with Xbox Game Passfeeding the latter with a ton of games, the latest titles Star Wars (as Jedi Fallen Order) to Battlefieldto recent indie hits (It Takes Two for example). Could the EA Play join the Amazon Prime subscription in the event of a buyout? Suffice to say that such a possibility should cause a certain earthquake in the world of video games.




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