Amazon creates a show from its customers’ videos

Host Wanda Sykes will host the ‘Ring Nation’ show on Amazon. Ring/Amazon

The show, “Ring Nation,” is set to launch Sept. 26 and will be hosted by host Wanda Sykes.

Who has never laughed at one of these videos captured by a surveillance camera placed in a living room or on a doorstep? Funny or touching, these videos have found their audience on the internet. To the point that Amazon has decided to make it a TV show, according to the American site Deadline.

The show, “Ring Nation,” is set to launch Sept. 26 and will be hosted by host Wanda Sykes. She would comment on videos shared on social networks by consumers. We would find there pell-mell marriage proposals, to soften, delivery men dancing in front of doors, no doubt for the well-being side at work, meetings of soldiers, without knowing why, neighbors s helping, for solidarity, without forgetting the essential prowess of pets. “From amazing to hilarious“, promises Barry Poznick, president at MGM of Orion & Alternative Television. ““Ring Nation” will offer what everyone is watching at home“, he adds.

The idea is presented as “the latest example of group synergies at Amazon“. And for good reason, the e-commerce giant owns MGM Television – which will broadcast the show -, the production company Big Fish Entertainment and the manufacturer of doorbells and connected cameras Ring. Knowing that everything can be purchased on Amazon! The story does not yet say if the American giant intends to add the images captured by the robot vacuum cleaners from iRobot, which it has just acquired. Nor if the people filmed in embarrassing situations will be able to oppose the dissemination of these images…


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