Amazon Drive will close at the end of 2023, what alternative?

Launched 11 years ago, the cloud storage service Amazon Drive has never managed to outshine the competition from Dropbox, Box and other similar services. Amazon will shut down.

All Prime subscribers have access to a cloud storage service developed by Amazon, which can hold up to 5 GB of documents of all kinds in its free plan.

There is a paid subscription that allows you to take advantage of 100 GB up to an additional 30 TB (!). Amazon Drive, launched in 2011, will close its doors.

Everything for Amazon Photos

However, Amazon gives users a lot of time to find an alternative: Drive will indeed stop on December 31, 2023. This closure will be gradual, with several stages: iOS and Android applications will be removed from their respective stores on October 31, 2022, and it will no longer be possible to upload files from next January 31st.

We will still be able (and fortunately!) to recover the documents stored online throughout the next year, to keep them on our computer or in another cloud service. Regarding photos and videos, Amazon has already planned for it: they are already present in Amazon Photos, a service that is not ready to disappear. The company explains that the end of Drive will give it the opportunity to focus its efforts on Photos.

Amazon Photos is available in a web browser version, as well as iOS and Android apps. Applications that also had a facelift last November, with a more graphic redesign of the home page, as well as additional sorting and sharing options.

If Amazon never really wanted to compete with Dropbox and the others with its Drive, on the other hand the e-commerce giant clearly has ambitions for its photo service.

For those who want to transfer their files to an equivalent solution, you can turn to pCloud or Kdrive, for example. These are some of the best alternatives to Amazon Drive.

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