Amazon eliminates five-minute break for its employees at a French factory

If the news is not a surprise – since the management had warned its employees when the measure came into force – the letter sent this summer, by registered mail, to all the staff of the company Amazon de Lauwin -Hideout, in the North, had the effect of a cold shower.

The American e-commerce giant has taken note of the withdrawal of the five-minute additional break granted during the health crisis, reports La Voix du Nord. “From the start of the pandemic, we acted to adapt more than 150 processes on our sites linked to Covid, explains the management of the company. The increase in break times by five minutes was put in place for a period temporarily, in order to allow employees to respect social distancing and follow the one-way traffic put in place. With the lifting of the health protocol in companies by the government, Amazon has chosen to stagger the relief of these measures “.


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“It’s just pathetic”

This “relief” is cringe staff and unions, who consider the salaries insufficient in the face of inflation. “This is what Amazon’s legendary generosity to its employees looks like! After offering us these five extra minutes, they withdraw them on July 31. We understand them, we noticed that these five minutes had made the box collapse” , quipped Jérôme Guilain, SUD union representative, in the columns of the local newspaper.

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“In return, we were allowed to have our phones on us, even if they are on file, added Enzo Prouvez (CGT). It’s just pathetic from one of the richest companies in the world” . “Besides that, it’s a hassle to get real salary increases. When we go on break, or go home, we already lose between five to ten minutes at the security gates. Even with these five minutes more, the account was not there… Given the heat, the measure could at least have been extended during the summer”, commented, meanwhile, Christophe Bocquet, of Force Ouvrière.


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