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Amazon fears a labor shortage, no one wants to work in the company anymore

An internal study conducted at Amazon claims that the American e-commerce giant could soon run out of workers in its gigantic American warehouses. Blame it on working conditions that are still just as unacceptable and cruel for the company’s employees.

At first glance, everything is fine and everything seems to be rolling like clockwork for Amazon. The firm of American multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos, for example, has officially launched Amazon Prime Air, its aerial drone delivery service. Even better, Amazon has also welcomed its innovative worker robots to its warehouses for the first time. But perhaps Jeff Bezos’ company should focus a little more on people.

An internal note from the group emphasizes an important point: by 2024, the firm could face a major labor crisis in the USA.

Amazon is slowly heading towards a major labor crisis

It must be said that Amazon’s management system has still not evolved in recent years. And employees still seem to suffer just as much from the working conditions imposed by the company. Between low and non-increasing wages, a frantic work pace and a degrading context where each employee would be hunted down, no one wants to set foot in Amazon’s warehouses anymore.

The group’s internal report thus makes the alarming observation ” that the average warehouse worker only stays at Amazon for eight months before quitting or giving up their job “. The report continues with an ominous note that states that if ” the company is continuing business as usual, Amazon will exhaust the supply of labor available in the US network by 2024 “.

The work of Amazon employees can seem particularly degrading. And it is surely why no employee wants to go to work anymore at the juggernaut of online delivery. This knowing that the level of unemployment is currently low at the moment in the United States and that it is quite easy to find work.

Some regions could be affected well before 2024

For example, a 35-year-old employee of the company in New York says he was fired after taking two days off to have one of his infected teeth treated. While last year, warehouse workers were killed after a tornado hit. Amazon had refused to let them go home.

The company’s internal report is even more alarmist regarding certain regions of the country. Thus, the Inland Empire in California, and Phoenix, Arizona, have already sold out since late 2021” all of their employee pools “. Clearly, Jeff Bezos will have to quickly find solutions. Perhaps by offering employees better wages and finally acceptable working conditions?

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