Amazon features a mustachioed and manual dexterous single dad for its latest Christmas ad

This Amazon Christmas campaign titled “Give Joy” is directed by New Zealander Taika Waititi. The ad shows a single father’s devotion to his daughter.

Christmas really is the season for good feelings, this Amazon ad is proof of that. For its year-end communications, the American multinational has launched the campaign “Give joy” (“Joy is Made” in its original version) with a video showing a single father dedicated to his daughter.

The 60-second ad – 2:30 in its full version – opens with a young girl clearly attached to her snow globe, which she takes with her everywhere. Noticing his child’s attachment to this object, his father went to great lengths to create a giant snow globe in the family’s greenhouse, even asking the neighbors to participate in its construction for a breathtaking end result: bear in stuffed animal disguised as a snowman, fairy lights and fake snow made from pieces of paper that are spun by a fan. Pieces of paper made by a shredder delivered by express by Amazon. The spot ends with the campaign message: “Factory of joy”.

Produced by advertising agency Lucky Generals and production company Hungry Man, the ad was directed by New Zealand Oscar-nominated writer, director and comedian Taika Waititi. A film well supported by the original composition You hold me up by the American indie band The Bones of JR Jones.

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