Amazon fire TV: Alexa voice remote control

Introduction and unboxing

Test – Amazon fire TV: Alexa voice remote control

We had the opportunity to test the latest Fire TV Stick 4K Max. Today, to go with it, Amazon sent us the Alexa voice remote. A remote control with many functions. In particular, we can find it thanks to our Alexa-connected assistants. In addition, it lights up in the dark and has two programmable buttons. In short, only very interesting little things if, like us, you use a stick on a daily basis. This remote does come at a cost, however, as it is currently priced at €39.99.

In short, let’s find out together what it is worth using.

We go around the box

Our remote control of the day, arrives in a small thin box, the dimensions (more or less) of the latter. On the front we have a reminder of what it’s for, which is to control the Fire TV. Naturally, a representation of the product is also included. On both sides of our box, some reminders and specifications are available in 5 different languages.

On the back now we learn more about the Alexa voice remote control. For example, a remote control detection function is possible, we have customizable buttons, and above all, it is backlit.

Contents of the box

When you open the box for the first time, everything is cleaned up, as usual with Amazon Alexa products. With the remote control we find two documentations and the two AAA batteries.

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