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Amazon Gets Scammed By 4 New York Brothers Who Stole $19 Million In 2 Years From Jeff Bezos’ Company

It’s not uncommon for scams to happen on the internet, but successfully scamming Amazon is top notch. And yet Jeff Bezos’ company was robbed of 19 million euros by four brothers from New York. A well-honed strategy that the siblings had taken the time to think about. Thanks to the “Vendor Central” system, companies can market their products on the online sales platform in exchange for a margin granted to Amazon.

And Yoel, Heshl, Zishe and Abraham got it right. They billed the company for far more product than it ordered, which then boosted their profits sharply. By drastically increasing the price of their products by changing the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers, the product identification key), the four brothers managed to make a profit of $19 million in the space of two years, before to be caught by the platform on September 21. They were charged with overshipping by federal prosecutors in New York. Cristina Posa, an attorney for Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit, responded to the case in a statement. “We look forward to working with law enforcement to hold these actors accountable for their illegal activities,” she said.

To understand a little better how these four brothers managed to steal millions of dollars from one of the biggest GAFAM companies, you should know that Amazon had ordered a bottle of designer perfume for 289.78 dollars. The New York scammers then awarded this price to 927 beard trimmers, which multiplied by ten its base price. A stratagem which then offered them a nice jackpot. The other side of the coin: it is likely to cost them just as much…


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