Amazon hints that the Pixel 7a will land sooner than expected

For a few years, Google has accustomed us to release a more affordable version of its Pixels. The Pixel 7 should be no exception. The Mountain View company has certainly not formalized the Pixel 7a, but everything indicates that it is imminent.

Examining Amazon’s mobile application, our colleagues from GSMArena were able to see that the company was already inviting Internet users to register to be informed about the announcement of the Pixel 7a… if, of course, Amazon did not put the basket before the horse.

The e-commerce giant even teases a “family” of smartphones, suggesting that multiple models could be available. We can, for example, imagine an XL version, with a larger screen. Traditionally, the “a” versions have a smaller panel than the standard models. It could also just be two different storage options.

An upcoming release?

Unfortunately, no release date has been communicated. Same observation for the tech sheet of the smartphone which is still unknown. However, we can imagine that the Pixel 7a will be heavily inspired by the Pixel 7, cutting down on a few elements, such as the photo sensors or the screen, to lighten the final note.

The Pixel 6a was released just over three months ago and is one of the best choices in the mid-range market today. The release of a Pixel 7a very soon therefore seems a bit premature. But things should accelerate from the start of 2023, and this new model could simply replace it in the catalog.

The Californian giant has managed to contain the prices of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. We can therefore imagine that it will be the same for this new version, whose code name is “Felix”.

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