Amazon is offering a 60% discount on this super package

This bundle offered by Amazon consists of three Blink devices. You have the Blink Outdoor surveillance camera, the video doorbell and the Blink Sync 2 connection bridge. All for just €55.99.

Do you want to keep an eye on everything that happens around your home and even from a distance? With this promotional package offered by Amazon, the three devices are subject to one very interesting reduction of 60%. It all comes back to you €55.99.

At this price you have Blink outdoorsthat Flash video doorbell and the brand’s connection bridge, which makes it possible to synchronize up to 10 devices via a WiFi connection. Considering their individual prices, the reduction is even more interesting than the one shown by Amazon.

Amazon is selling out this pack of Blink devices: a real Christmas present

The Blink Outdoor surveillance camera is normally sold alone at the RRP of €89.99. The Blink Doorbel video doorbell costs €60. And the connecting bridge Blink Sync Module 2 sold for €35. The campaign package is thus offered at €56 instead of €185. You therefore save almost €130, which corresponds to a real reduction of more than 67%.

Please note that by ordering them now, these products will be delivered well after Christmas. But the wait is worth it. And it is unlikely that you will find this package at such a price anytime soon.

To get to their characteristics, remember that Blink Outdoor is a wireless hd surveillance camera designed to withstand the weather. It is completely waterproof. Its two AA batteries can run two years without being changed. Which leaves you alone for a while.

This camera also has infrared night vision as well as one motion detector with systematic notification on your smartphone. Blink Video Doorbell, for its part, offers similar functionalities, but this time in the form of a connected doorbell equipped with a camera.

Both devices are also equipped with a microphone and a speaker for dialogue and in particular to hear what is happening around you. Finally, note that in order to control them from the companion application, it is necessary to synchronize them via the Blink Sync bridge, which is included in this package.

The bridge itself must be connected via WiFi to your home network. It is also possible to add a USB stick to this module. You will be able to save important data such as video sequences directly locally and at will.

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