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Amazon Kids on Alexa is finally available in France

Amazon Kids on Alexa is available for free to all users living in France and using Echo devices that integrate Alexa.

Amazon announces the availability in France of Amazon Kids on Alexa, a completely free service available on the entire range of compatible Echo devices, which aims to create a safe and comfortable environment for children aged 3 to 12, where adults and children can have have fun together, learn and play with Alexa.

A safer place for kids using Alexa

Amazon Kids on Alexa gives kids access to the content they love while giving parents peace of mind with an age-appropriate, kid-friendly editorial experience where they can play and learn while having fun.

The service provides parents with a number of tools, such as the parental control panel, time limits and a filter to block songs with explicit lyrics. In addition, Amazon Kids on Alexa blocks any kind of voice purchase and thus avoids involuntary expenses. Finally, for the little ones, Amazon Kids on Alexa offers many educational and entertaining skills (voice applications for Alexa), as well as dedicated playlists1 and educational content.

To get started, parents need to create a child profile by selecting “Amazon Kids” under “Settings” in the Alexa app. Parents then have the option to follow the on-screen instructions to create a Voice ID and/or Face ID for their child. A child’s voice registered via voice recognition will activate Amazon Kids on Alexa on the Echo device setup. Face ID will activate Amazon Kids on Echo devices with a screen when a child whose profile has been saved walks in front of the device. To dedicate a device to the exclusive use of a child, open the Alexa app and go to device settings to enable Amazon Kids for that device. Amazon Kids on Alexa can be activated on one or more Echo devices in the home.

Amazon Kids on Alexa offers many features including:

  • Parent Dashboard: Through the Parent Dashboard and the Alexa app, parents can customize how their children use Alexa by choosing which services and skills can be used. In addition, the Dashboard allows parents to view their children’s activities and, through the Alexa app, view and delete their voice recordings.
  • Child Profile, Voice and/or Face ID: When a child’s Voice ID and Face ID are created, Alexa recognizes the child and automatically suggests child-friendly responses through compatible Echo devices. Additionally, if a child is recognized or a device is put into Amazon Kids mode, Alexa will prevent children from making voice purchases and provide age-appropriate responses.
  • Time Limits: Parents or guardians can set a usage limit at bedtime to ensure kids don’t talk to Alexa at night, or simply pause devices for dinner or when it’s time to do homework.
  • Explicit lyrics filter: This feature automatically filters songs with explicit lyrics on Amazon Music, Apple Music or Spotify, so kids can freely listen to age-appropriate songs from their favorite artists.
  • Educational Q&A: Kids can ask Alexa questions about science, math, grammar, definitions, or anything else that piques their curiosity, such as “Alexa, why is it cold?” “, “Alexa, what is the fastest animal? or “Alexa, why is the sea salty?” “. Once the child’s profile is created, Alexa will recognize the child’s voice and suggest appropriate answers and content. For example, by asking “Alexa, what is your favorite book?” », the children will discover that it is my father’s glory to Marcel Pagnol. Kids can also receive special responses from Alexa.By saying “Alexa, goodnight,” Alexa says goodnight to them while reminding them to brush their teeth before bed.
  • Audio and video calls with parent-approved contacts: Kids can make video calls with parent-approved contacts through Echo devices or the Alexa app. So they can easily communicate with their friends to work on their homework or keep in touch with their grandparents.
  • Communication in the household: parents no longer have to shout across the house to tell the children that dinner is ready! Amazon Kids on Alexa lets you make notifications, make calls, send messages and make Drop Ins on Echo devices throughout your home.

In addition, children can access a selection of skills specially developed by partners: “Mon Jardin Musical”, imagined by Universal Music, offers personalized nursery rhymes with the child’s first name, the world of Radio France youth podcasts can be found on “La Récré à Sønner”. “Les Petites Histoires”, developed by ShirkaLAB, will immerse children in the masterpieces of children’s literature with beautifully told stories.

Amazon Kids on Alexa is also a fun way for children to learn: for example “Les tables de multiplication” allows you to revise your tables while having fun, “Les Animaux de la ferme” helps children recognize pet sounds (two productions by ShirkaLAB ), while the brand new “Ma dictée” experience by TV5 Monde offers dozens of carefully selected dictations whose corrections are sent to the parent or guardian via email. Dynseo, a well-known French startup in the educational application sector, also offers two new experiences: “Coco Pense” allows moments of playful reflection thanks to mini-games such as the hunt for the intruder or the musical ear, while “Coco Bouge ” invites you to move and touch by revisiting mime or the famous “One, two, three, sun!” “. Finally, for the first time, children will have access to sophrology and meditation sessions through the new “Zenego Kids” experience developed by Taiwa: all they have to do is say “Alexa, I want to relax” to be guided through a quiet time.

Amazon Kids on Alexa has been available in France since October 12.

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