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Amazon launches its Belgian online store

For some years now, according to Amazon, the “millions” of Belgian customers have had access to a service in their own language, whether through the French online store, the German, available in Dutch since 2016, or Amazon. nl. They now have access to a Belgian version of the webshop and to after-sales service in their own language.

The store will be accessible via the address and not, a domain name that does not belong to the American giant. However, the e-commerce company strongly believes in this somewhat different URL, pointing out that half of its customers use the mobile application.

The Amazon Prime subscription will be offered to them for 2.99 euros/month (or 25 euros per year). It includes fast and free shipping on millions of products, a wide selection of movies and TV shows on Prime Video and unlimited photo storage. The streaming service will be better suited to Belgian customers in the future, promises Eva Faict, director of Belgium at Amazon.

Through the new online store, the customer will also be able to access the “Belgian brands shop”, a dedicated window that allows them to discover local brands. More than 100 Belgian brands are listed there to date, with thousands of local products. Eva Faict also says that she is “surprised” by the enthusiasm of Belgian SMEs since the announcement of the future launch of the online store two and a half months ago. The manager hopes that many others will be convinced, evoking the potential and unprecedented development of e-commerce in Belgium.



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