Amazon launches palm payment

Paying for purchases with the palm of your hand, here is the new unbelievable and not necessarily reassuring payment technique. It’s about a new innovation implemented by Amazon in 65 food stores.

In the United States, a small grocery store nestled under Rockefeller Center is already experiencing this. Check-in takes place at a kiosk, then you are asked insert your credit card and phone number. Then, it is necessary to extend the palm of the hand which will pass over a detector. The device scans the right hand then the left hand then asks you to accept the terms of use or if you wish, erase all data, Amazon will do it.

But this is not certain because it is difficult to verify. The data sheets of the two palms of the hand are kept in a cloud, an Amazon server. Placing your hand over an infrared cell opens the barrier and you can then place purchases in your bag without scanning or checking out because sensors analyze what you take.

Ultimately, this technology could be used to enter a stadium, a concert hall, or even your business. The problem remains that of the data because they are physical. Some wonder what would happen if they were hacked to be used to duplicate an identity.

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