Amazon New Year’s Eve: Does Amazon deliver New Year’s Eve? [Updated December 2022]

Does Amazon deliver packages on New Year’s Eve?

You are still waiting for the Christmas toy you ordered for your child. Maybe you just bought the new flat screen and are having some sort of New Year’s party. Maybe you’re just impatiently waiting for your next shipment of scrapbooking supplies and the demonic entity known as glitter. It’s been days and you’re getting impatient, but maybe, just maybe, the Amazon driver will finally show up on your street to drop off your boxes.

The only thing stopping you from having your new plate of rose colored milk for your precious little cat known as Mr. Snoggles, is the cursed joy-stealing day of the year, New Year’s Eve. So if you’re stomping around your apartment, or pulling weeds out of boredom, waiting for the Amazon delivery man to arrive, you’re in luck, because he will.

That’s right, people at Amazon will be in their big trucks and smaller but still big enough Amazon vans to deliver your goods for you. So if you are still waiting for this unique pinecone signed by William Shatner? Well, it’s a fake, and also, it will probably arrive on New Year’s Eve.

What are Amazon’s New Year’s Eve delivery times?

Your new line of wigs is almost here and now you can stage your Con Air one-man show that you’ve always wanted, but maybe not. Yes, Amazon is delivering packages on New Year’s Eve, but will they deliver as many as usual? In other words, will their opening hours be limited due to the upcoming holidays?

None. Why not ? Because New Year’s Eve is technically not a holiday. New Year’s Day is. That means everyone who delivers packages, from Amazon to Fed Ex to the UPS guy, will be out doing their jobs as usual.

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