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Amazon Prime: no more low prices!

Update : The new price will apply from September 15, 2022 when renewing or extending the Amazon Prime subscription. For a subscription expiring before September 15, this will be the rate without increase at the time of renewal.


It was expected for September 15, but it finally happens a little earlier. Amazon is already increasing the price of its subscription AmazonPrime in France. It thus goes from €49 per year previously to €69.90 per year.

The increase is therefore more than 42%, knowing that the monthly price rises for its part to €6.99 per month instead of €5.99 per month. The monthly increase is therefore more gentle at more than 16%. In the current economic context and the period of inflation, however, this is not what should calm some discontent.

The special offer for students is not spared at €34.95 per year or €3.49 per month. It was previously at €24 per year and €2.99 per month. There is nevertheless a 90-day free trial offer, while this free trial is 30 days for the classic Amazon Prime subscription (without commitment).

After an increase in the price of Amazon Prime in the USA

For this price change, Amazon had justified an increase in the operating costs of Prime in France, and an application of the new price to the renewal of the subscription from September 15, 2022.

Remember that countries other than France have already seen an increase in the price of Amazon Prime subscriptions, such as in the United States at the start of the year at $139 per year and $14.99 per month, i.e. an increase respectively. by almost 17% and 15%.

Prime Video weighs in on price hike decision

Across the Atlantic, the group had highlighted the increase in wages and transport costs. By also emphasizing that the Amazon Prime offer is more extensive in the USA than in France. Amazon had added that each country is rated differently each year.

Since we launched Prime in France, we have expanded the selection of products eligible for Prime unlimited fast delivery; added and expanded fast grocery delivery; and added more premium digital entertainment, including TV shows and movies on Prime Videomusic with Amazon Music Prime, games with Prime Gaming and books with Prime Reading.

To explain the price increase in France, Amazon had particularly insisted on the increase in the number of Amazon Original series and films, and access to the broadcasting of the Roland-Garros tournaments.




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