Amazon Prime significantly increases its music offering!

The streaming platform announces the update of its Premium service. And for once, this does not concern its services related to video. Rather, it relates to its music offering, which now includes more music and podcasts than ever before.

Amazon music

In fact, Amazon’s on-demand service has indicated that its Prime members will now be able to access more than 100 million songs. On top of that, they’ll also have access to plenty of original podcasts and audio content.

Prime Music updates for more content, but at the same price!

This is definitely a big announcement for Prime subscribers. From now on, they will be able to access no less than 100 million songs. This represents a real “leap forward” because Amazon Music does not until then only offered 2 million songs.

The video and music streaming platform clearly aims to encourage its Prime subscribers to stay Prime and others to get a Premium offering. Prime reported that in addition to additional songs, its new offering also includes shows from channels like CNN, ESPN Where NPR plus exclusive podcasts from celebrities and sports stars.

It should be noted that this update will of course retain all the traditional benefits, such as the removal of advertisements. Nevertheless, some shortcomings should remain. Prime subscribers still won’t be able to choose the songs they want to listen to. Instead, they will have to choose between selected playlists, and thus discover a mix of music from their favorite artists and albums.

The Amazon Music application takes the opportunity to make its cut as well

In the house of Amazon music, one good news can hide another! In fact, we learn at the same time that the mobile application will also get a facelift. On the What’s New in this update menu, we have an option for users to access podcast previews. You should know that this podcast preview feature allows subscribers to listen to short snippets of podcast episodes.

This will naturally make it easier for them to discover new shows. It is therefore no longer useful to follow a large part of the program to assess whether you are interested or not.

Updating the application and adding additional content, without changing the price of subscriptions, seems to be a snub made by Amazon music for competition. While the latter is thinking of charging more users, Amazon’s service improves its offering at no extra cost.

We remember that Apple, through its similar service, announced that it would raise its prices. Same story with the competitor Spotifywhich has also made no secret of its intentions to raise its prices soon.

By choosing to offer more content without revising the amount to be paid by the user, Amazon Music should undoubtedly score a big hit. Its millions of users will rejoice! They will be able to take advantage of this new offer by updating the Amazon Music application in their store.

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