Amazon Prime Video: program of the month for November 2022

December has just begun, but it’s already Christmas on Amazon Prime Video. From new series to cult movies making their debut on the platform, including content dedicated to humor and exclusive shows: there’s definitely something to spend the winter warm on Prime.

While we wait to find out what gifts will be at the foot of our trees, we can already have fun with them landing throughout the month of December on Prime Video. Like an advent calendar filled with entertainment of all kinds, the platform program has just been unveiled and there is something for everyone. So grab your calendars: here’s our selection of Prime exclusives you can’t miss!

01/12: Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin – Season 1

The cult series from the 2010s deserves its reboot! Justified Original sin, this picks up the premise of the original series: young girls are harassed by an anonymous and menacing enemy who calls himself “A”. The persona is all the more disturbing because she seems to know their most unspeakable secrets and seems to be driven by a desire for revenge‚Ķ

02/12: Celebrity Hunted – Season 2 / Part 1

In this second season, new faces join the adventure. The celebrities participating in the manhunt this year have an advantage over those who participated in this show last year: they were able to draw inspiration from the first season to study how best to escape the team of professionals, who hunt them down as if they were real refugees. This time we find the singer Jenifer on the run in Corsica with Jarry, but also the duo Fadily Camara and Hakim Jemili, as well as two duos of successful YouTubers: Michou and Inoxtag as well as McFly and Carlito.

9/12: Hawaii

It’s not quite a Christmas story, but it looks like it. Hawaiiis the title of this film by Maimouna Doucour√© (already leading the feature film sweet, published in 2020), but also the name of its main character: a 15-year-old teenager who lives alone with his seriously ill grandmother. The young girl fears being placed by the social authorities and therefore develops a plan to avoid ending up in an unfamiliar home: She plans to be adopted by someone she admires more than anything else: Michelle Obama. During her search, she crosses paths with several personalities who will help her get closer to her dream. Among these the astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who will play his own role!

9/12: Something from Tiffany’s

Lovers of romantic comedies will be thrilled Something from Tiffany’sthe adaptation of a novel by Melissa Hill that tells how a misunderstanding surrounding a mistakenly replaced engagement ring will lead a young woman (Zoey Deutch) to discover who the person she is really supposed to be in a relationship with is.

12/16: About fate

Another gift given to fans of romantic comedies, the unpublished About fate with Emma Roberts (American Horror Story) and Thomas Mann, who plays two strangers who believe in love but never manage to find it. Fate will bring them together on New Year’s Eve when the storm rages, for better or for worse.

21/12: Jack Ryan – season 3

That’s it, it’s finally here! Since 2019, we haven’t heard from Jack Ryan, but here he is back for 8 new unreleased episodes that will air from December 21 on Prime Video, and things get complicated for our hero. Mistakenly involved in a large-scale conspiracy, Jack becomes a fugitive overnight! And staying alive won’t be his only concern, as the character played by John Krasinski will also try to stop his opponents’ plans to prevent the world from sinking into a catastrophic fate.

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