Amazon Prime Video: program of the month for November 2022

What’s new on Amazon Prime Video for the month of November 2022? New exclusive content specially designed for the platform emerges for the delight of subscribers. Experience the upcoming festivities!

The first season of Rings of power ended, but Prime Video still has some good surprises in store. On the program: action with a very nervous thriller, charm with a very fashionable singer in a counter-intuitive role and zygomatic fitness with an absolutely wild comedy! Follow the guide, we take stock of the selection.

11/04: Overdose

The big name of the muscular French thriller is back with a new feature film with a particularly tense atmosphere. OverdoseOlivier Marchal’s new film is in the great tradition of films such as Heat by Michael Mann and takes us through the twists and turns of a dark affair, which we will follow from the point of view of the police, but also through the eyes of the thugs. The story is about a journey between Spain and France. On the gangsters’ side, the goal is to transport a large amount of drugs to a client in the south of France without getting caught. On the other hand, the police, who got wind of the scheme, keep an eye out for the slightest misstep and hope to bring down the numbers of organized crime. And of course, nothing goes as planned…

In the cast of this thriller under high tension we find in particular the rapper Kool Shen, the actress Sofia Essaïdi (The fighters), or even Alberto Ammann seen in the excellent series Narcos. Sensitive souls: beware! Some sequences of this feature film are particularly rich and bloody.

11/04: My policeman

Harry Styles continues his career in front of the camera with a film produced by Amazon, in which the founder of One Direction plays a British police officer. In this feature film directed by Michael Grandage, the star stars alongside him who played Lady Di in seasons 3 and 4 of The crownEmma Corrin and the duo are thrown into an incredible love triangle.

The young policeman played by Harry Styles, Tom, falls in love with Marion, the teacher to whom Emma Corrin lends her features. But this blueberry takes an unexpected turn when Patrick (David Dawson) arrives, for whom Tom is quick to develop feelings. Set in the 1950s, the budding passion between these two men will soon throw them into turmoil…

18/11: The people we hate at the wedding

In this new comedy exclusive to Amazon Prime Video, Kristen Bell (The good place) and Ben Platt (Pitch Perfect) are invited to a wedding that they apparently don’t really want to go to.

It is therefore a family where things are complicated, which finds itself reunited around a wedding where many theaters will arise. There is going to be a lot of fuss about the showpiece, and hitherto well-kept secrets will be revealed…

25/11: Meet Cute

Meet Cute is both a romantic comedy, an independent film… and a true science fiction film! We follow Sheila, played by Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang theory) who one day stumbles upon a time machine hidden in a nail salon. A surprising discovery that the young woman will hasten to use to improve certain details of her personal life.

In the style of the comedian Palm Springs, Meet Cute uses an extraordinary situation to lean into the human soul and make us laugh by showing the worst and the best in everyone. And you, what would you do if you had access to a time machine?

So much for our selection, far from exhaustive, since as you can see through the agenda shared by the platform on social networks, many other programs will land on Prime Video throughout the month of November!

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