Amazon Prime Video will revive the sitcom “Maguy” with Jonathan Cohen and Marina Foïs

Louise Bernard, with Solène Delinger

Sitcom “Maguy” will soon return to Amazon Prime Video. 30 years after its first broadcast, this time the emblematic show from the 1980s will be hosted by Marina Foïs and Jonathan Cohen, but also Sébastien Thoen, a former comedian from Canal+. The latter told “Figaro” that Maguy had now become a rebel who smokes CBD…

“She often sees red, with her it moves”: this is what we hear at the start of the credits. Because the character of Maguy is a woman with a strong character who will make her comeback, 30 years after the first broadcast of the sitcom. Amazon is actually working on a remake of this series, according to Le Figaro, starring Marina Foïs and Jonathan Cohen. Sébastien Thoen, a former comedian from Canal+, is also in the game.

“Maguy Demonstrates and Smokes CBD”

In addition to starring in the series, he will participate in the writing and reveal for Figaro that Maguy should change: “Today Maguy is demonstrating in the streets against inflation and smoking CBD. She almost wanted to sell guns!”.

For the younger ones who don’t know. Maguy is a sitcom broadcast between 1984 and 1993 on Antenne 2 (the channel was not yet called France 2). It is actually the first French sitcom filmed in America. A sitcom is the contraction of “situation comedy”, situation comedy, filmed in the same place and often in public; whose laughter is recorded. This was the case in the first episodes of Maguy.

No date has yet been set for his return.

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