Amazon Prime’s price hike will force you to cancel your subscription

While Amazon has announced a price increase for its Prime subscription for September 15, many of you want to cancel your subscription to avoid being affected.

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On Tuesday July 26, Amazon announced, for the first time in four years, an increase in the price of its Amazon Prime subscription. Concretely, while the monthly rate was 5.99 euros, it will go up by 16.69%, to 6.99 euros. For the annual rate, the escalation is even greater, going from 49.00 euros per year to 69.90, or a price increase of 42.65%.

On the Amazon side, this price is justified by the improvements and new services offered within Amazon Prime since 2018. It must be said that in addition to accelerated delivery, Amazon Prime also integrates Prime Video, Prime Gaming, Amazon Music, Prime Reading and groceries with free delivery. Amazon has also invested heavily in its Prime Video catalog with the addition of Ligue 1, the Roland Garros tournament and new prestigious series such as Rings of Power, expected in the fall.

Still, the pill may have difficulty passing for some users, especially with such a significant increase. If it is still possible to limit the costs by switching from a monthly formula to an annual formula, for 69.90 euros per year against 84 euros, it could be the increase that breaks the camel’s back.

An increase that broke the camel’s back?

In this context, we wanted to know what you plan to do between now and September 15, the date of the implementation of the new rates. Last week, we asked you the question through a survey: do you intend to remain subscribed to Amazon Prime or do you plan to cancel your subscription?

amazon prime survey

You were more than 8000 to answer the question and for the overwhelming majority of you, the pill is indeed difficult to pass. Just over 70% of you have decided to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription. For example, Manolette explains in the comments that he has just canceled his subscription: “This increase made me realize that I was paying for this service for very little. I order on Amazon less and less often and the content offered in video does not seem really interesting to me, since I watch very rarely in the end“. The same goes for Damien Leclerq: “This incomprehensible rise of Amazon when this company is one of the richest in the world on the backs of so many people (deliverymen, preparers, merchants, all of us), is the red line crossed for me“.

Behind, a little less than one in five voters indicate switching to the annual offer, which is less expensive, while 7% of you consider that the price remains reasonable. This is the case of tabo56, always in the comments: “I find the price reasonable in relation to the services provided.
So I’m going to keep my subscription, especially since I renewed at the beginning of July.“. “No, it remains reasonable for the services provided (delivery + music + video + games or free game content) we are far ahead of what Netflix offers, for even less“, indicates Me on his side.

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