Amazon promo: this Mario game is on sale, but find out if…

News good plan Amazon promo: this Mario game is on sale, but find out if…

The famous plumber in blue overalls, Mario, is one of Nintendo’s greatest prides and is even considered by many to be the most famous video game character in the world. It is therefore only found in video games, but also in various goodies, derivative products or even in clothing.

If Monopoly is a cult game whose fame is beyond any doubt, many did not know that there was a version of the game with Mario’s image. Monopoly Mario can also be the subject of a nice Christmas gift, a little geek at heart, especially since its price is €32.99 instead of €39.99.

Buy Monopoly Mario for €32.99 on Amazon

Be sure : Amazon makes it very clear on its website that it will be with you before Christmas. So you can already now prepare your family or friends to play a game of Monopoly during the Christmas holidays.

Mario: finally a Monopoly that honors Nintendo’s famous mustache!

Monopoly, everyone pretty much knows the (official) rules, usually. Whether it’s Monopoly Mario or inspired by another theme, it doesn’t change the fundamentals of the game, but it’s still a lot more fun to have fun on a game board customized to your taste.

Monopoly Mario does not contain banknotes, instead you will find coins of 5 and 1 to use throughout the game for buy a building in New York City, on Yoshi’s Island or even in Bowser’s Land. In the same idea, the game’s pawns are also shaped to represent a typical symbol of the Mario license, and the houses become Toad’s houses, the hotels are replaced by Peach castles.

This Monopoly Mario requires 2 to 6 players of at least 8 years to avoid the risk of swallowing the game’s small elements. The game box contains:

  • The game board
  • 6 minifigures
  • 1 die to roll
  • tax card
  • chance card
  • Coins of 5 and 1

Buy Monopoly Mario for €32.99 on Amazon

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