Amazon shrinks the price of the Microsoft tablet (-40%)

It’s one of the best pieces showing up for Black Friday on Amazon. The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is an excellent hybrid PC – or hybrid tablet. In a few seconds you will have it go from one to the other. And right now there is a 40% discount via a bundle with a keyboard included.

If there’s one deal you shouldn’t miss this Black Friday on Amazon, it’s the Microsoft Surface Pro 8. This computer, which takes the form of a touchscreen tablet, is one of the best sellers in the US Business. In seconds you can transform it from a tablet to a PC. Ideal for professionals, it is just as much for people who no longer want a fixed computer.

For Black Friday, Amazon presents a package that includes the Surface Pro 8 with 128 GB of storage and a keyboard (AZERTY) for 799 euros instead of 1329 euros. So that’s more than 500 euros that you can save right now on a product that was released about a year ago. From a value for money point of view it is unbeatable.

I use Surface Pro 8

If you’re going to make it a Christmas present, Amazon has good news for you: your right of withdrawal has been extended. Although it is 30 days by default, the trading platform is extending this duration until January 31, 2023. This allows anyone who made their Christmas purchases during Black Friday to return them after Christmas if they don’t like it. ultimately not.

One thing’s for sure: this hybrid PC won’t stay online for long at this price. As you can imagine, a -40% discount on such a new and premium product is sure to be taken by storm. If you want to make a good deal this Black Friday, we can only recommend it. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 has nearly 80% top customer ratings on Amazon.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Features

Microsoft has established itself in the niche with the premium touchpad. Compared to the iPad Pro, the American manufacturer’s Surface Pro 8 is more complete and more practical. Microsoft is proud to deliver the power of a laptop in a tablet. We thus find 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage space and an Intel Core i5 processor, which allows you to perform all tasks from the tablet.

The touchscreen tablet comes with a magnificent 13-inch diagonal LCD screen with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz. On the sides we find everything we expect from a laptop: generous connectivity options with 2 USB ports -C and Thunderbolt 4, a 3.5 mm jack, Wi-Fi 6 and a Surface Connect charging port. In short, this Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is as complete as a computer.

In the bundle being pushed for Black Friday, you’ll notice that Amazon is also including the keyboard. You therefore directly have the appearance of a computer with a keyboard located at the bottom of the screen. As an option, you can always add a stylus or mouse to create an even closer laptop-like environment. That said, this Microsoft Surface Pro 8 bundle will be sufficient for most uses.

As you can imagine, you can take full advantage of Microsoft’s office suite: Office 365. Whether it’s Excel, Word, PowerPoint or anything else, Surface Pro 8 allows you to work like on a computer. And if you want to convert it to tablet format to watch a movie on the train or on your couch, that’s also possible. It’s a 2-in-1 that won’t even compete with the iPad Pros, which are really designed as tablets (and don’t run Windows).

I use Surface Pro 8

Depending on the tests, the autonomy may vary. What is certain is that you will last at least 8:15 with intensive use. If you have a more moderate use of the Microsoft Surface Pro 8, you can even go longer than 16 hours. It is therefore significantly better than most computers and tablets on the market. The Redmond giant wanted to create a product that meets the needs of those who travel a lot and cannot constantly recharge their tablet.

Amazon lowers prices

In a niche where Microsoft has almost no competition, Amazon does not hesitate to drop the price quite sharply. Seeing 40% off the Surface Pro 8 is pretty surprising, but it’s worthy of a big Black Friday on the US merchant side. This is the first time we see such an offer, we can only validate it. Especially since the product is excellent for professional and personal use.

For this Black Friday, we’ve already seen a lot of inventory in a matter of hours. At Microsoft there were virtually no discounts. Aside from the Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop 4 (which is a more traditional laptop), we haven’t seen any other reductions. The company sells its products in a very simple way, so it does not have to force the margins. With the 40% offered on the hybrid tablet, you can make the deal of the moment.

We tell you one last time that you can return your purchase until the end of January. So it gives you the opportunity to buy the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 at an unbeatable price – and you won’t see it anywhere else at this price. At worst, if you don’t like the product, you can always send it back to Amazon for free, and they will refund you immediately. Note that you have the Microsoft manufacturer’s warranty, which is included for 2 years.

To discover this excellent offer, here it is:

I use Surface Pro 8

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