Amazon Studio Plans Light Screening of Ring Surveillance Footage

Enlarge / Amazon combines its infinite reach with its constant monitoring, but for fun.

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For some people, the term “Ring Nation” might conjure up a warrantless surveillance dystopia overseen by an omnipotent megacorporation. At MGM, owned by Amazon, Ring Nation is a music video show hosted by comedian Wanda Sykes, featuring dancing delivery men and adorable pets.


Timelines reports that the show, which is set to debut Sept. 26, is “the latest example of corporate synergy at Amazon.” Amazon owns home video security brand Ring, Hollywood studio MGM, and Big Fish, producer of Ring Nation

Viral videos captured by doorbell cameras have been hot for a while now. You can catch them on late-night talk shows, the r/CaughtOnRing subreddit, and on the For You page of millions of TikTok users. Amazon media properties, perhaps sensing an opportunity to capitalize on and soften Ring’s image, are rallying behind an official branded offer.

Ring Nation will feature “neighbors saving neighbors, marriage proposals, military reunions, and stupid animals,” Deadline writes. But Ring Nation Ring founder Jamie Siminoff might be aiming even higher for something approaching a balm for our deeply divided nation, according to Ring founder Jamie Siminoff.

“Bringing together new community is core to our mission at Ring, and Ring Nation gives friends and family a fun new way to spend time with each other,” Siminoff told Deadline. “We are so excited to have Wanda Sykes join Ring Nation to share people’s memorable moments with viewers. »

Ring sharing its owners’ moments with other viewers has been a contentious issue. The surveillance company recently admitted giving police access to Ring recordings without user consent for “emergency” requests. Ring in partnership with over 600 law enforcement agencies encourage installations of Ring in communities and facilitate police access to images. Ring has since made it easier to opt out of police requests.

Ring owners already had a discreet way to share clips, mostly of crimes or suspected crimes, through the Neighbors app. Doing so essentially reveals your location on a granular level. Responding to requests from Congress in the past, Ring has cited users as being responsible for violating their neighbors’ privacy, noting that it includes stickers and signs that comply with some states’ public record policies.

Ring Nation the producer Big Fish is also, by the way, the producer of live, the series of police walks was canceled after the murder of George Floyd and the resulting protests, but the show was recently revived.

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