Amazon thinks streaming video from your security camera is a good idea

Amazon will produce a comedy television show, in which it will broadcast real recordings taken by Ring doorbells and cameras. There will undoubtedly be something to laugh about, but at what cost?

People falling on their way home? Hahaha, that’s really funny.

Probably nostalgic for Video Gag and short shows featuring funny videos, uploaded by strangers, Amazon decided to resurrect the program as a daily 30-minute show, called Ring Nation. Important feature: the videos of Ring Nation must come from connected doorbells or Ring surveillance cameras, a company owned by Amazon (which is doing a lot of advertising in France at the moment). Yes, you read that right. Amazon intends to use objects normally dedicated to the protection of your privacy to make the planet laugh.

Who had this idea?

It is in a press release published on August 11, 2022 that Amazon reveals what is one of the biggest collaborations between its various companies. In addition to Ring, Amazon uses MGM Television and Big Fish Entertainment studios, acquired in 2021, to produce its program. The whole thing will likely stream on Prime Video, though the idea of ​​”daily” suggests that Ring Nation could have a place on linear television. Amazon enlisted comedian Wanda Sykes, known for her ability to comment on current affairs with sarcasm, to narrate her videos.

What’s going to happen ? Will they fall or be attacked by a dog? We can’t wait to find out! // Source: Ring

What will we see in Ring Nation ? Concretely, everything that a surveillance camera can film. “Whether it’s neighbors saving neighbors, marriage proposals, military reunions, or goofy animals, Ring Nation presents the most interesting clips from coast to coast. » explains Amazon in its press release, probably not at all aware of the limit crossed in terms of privacy (the point is not mentioned once in the press release).

How will Amazon get these videos? Rest assured, the company will not use directly on its servers. It’s up to US users to submit their funniest recordings, presumably from the app Ring. However, one can wonder whether Ring Nation don’t open a Pandora’s box. The show makes it acceptable to broadcast private videos in a humorous setting, even if it means giving the impression that a connected doorbell is ultimately not a private product at all. Amazon is already criticized for its sharing of content with the authorities, this time it goes further, by creating entertainment from products dedicated to security. The show will premiere on September 26.

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