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Amazon: This amazing comedy about endearing losers will leave the platform

When amateurs go to the cinema. In a few days, Amazon Prime Video will remove from its catalog of films the comedy “Comment c’est loin”, written by Orelsan and directed by Christophe Offenstein. The rapper plays the main role in his feature film and answers to his always sidekick, Gringe, so new to the world of cinema. Since then, Guillaume Tranchant, whose real name is, has multiplied roles on the big screen, such as “Carbone” by Olivier Marchal in 2017, “Les chatouilles” by Andréa Bescond and Eric Métayer in 2018, “L’heure de la sortie” in 2019 and “Damien will change the world”.

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Orelsan and Gringe’s first film

“How Far Away” is a parody of the real life of the two rappers, Orelsan and Gringe. The two singers almost embody an adaptation of themselves. So in the thirties and after ten years of no productivity, Orel and Gringe struggled to write their first rap album. The two residents of the Caen region are unable to complete a single song. Pushed against the wall by their producers, the duo have 24 hours to produce a hit.

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It is the first time that the two singers perform in dark rooms. Previously, Orelsan had started his career with his first two solo albums and a first disc with Gringe, as a duo and called “Les Casseurs Flowters”. On the occasion of the film’s theatrical release in 2015, the duo released an album based on songs from the feature film and unreleased titles.

A success of esteem

On the press side, the comedy was generally well received. “A very endearing first film about the 400 strokes of two idlers“, greets “20 minutes”. “Quite beautiful to watch (…) By going slow, ‘Comment c’est loin’ becomes a modest, desirable and sincere film“, adds “L’Express”.An art of life that does not take a stab at it, but with enough creativity to make it a film full of invention, accuracy and imagination“, writes “Le Dauphiné Libéré”.

When it hit theaters in 2015, “Comment c’est loin” had drawn 244,633 spectators to the cinema. If it does not exceed a quarter of a million admissions, the film remains a success of esteem, especially for a film released in only 153 cinemas in France, including 30 in the Paris region. Moreover, its small budget of 2.2 million euros allows the comedy to rank among the most profitable French productions of 2015.

So for Orelsan fans there you have it until Monday 31 October to see Orelsan and Gringe’s feature film before it leaves the Amazon Prime Video platform in France. On the other hand, the documentary about the rapper is still available to subscribers on the streaming site. The second season came out in early October.



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