Amazon to stop its Amazon Care telemedicine service

This service “is not comprehensive enough for the large companies that we are targeting and could not have met with long-term success”, indicates the firm.

Amazon will interrupt its Amazon Care telemedicine service, launched only three years ago, at the end of the year, considering that its offer was not complete enough, but ensures that this decision does not show a lesser ambition in the health sector. “We have come to the conclusion that Amazon Care is not a long-term solution for our business customers“, wrote the head of the health services activity of the group Neil Lindsay in a memo distributed internally and of which AFP obtained a copy on Thursday.

Initially dedicated to company employees only, the offer, which also includes home visits, was offered, in 2021, to all companies in the United States. AmazonCare”is not a complete enough offer for the large companies that we are targeting and could not have met with long-term success“added the official, who indicated that”a lot» employees of the subsidiary would be offered positions within the health branch of the group.

For several years, Amazon has made health services one of its priorities, a strategy illustrated by the announcement, at the end of July, of the acquisition of the private healthcare network One Medical, for 3.9 billion dollars. Despite Amazon Care’s shutdown, Neil Lindsay said the group remains committed to investing in the sector and “reimagining the future of healthcare“. “The structuring of Amazon Care has improved our understanding of healthcare service needs for corporations and individual customers“, explained the leader.

The withdrawal of Amazon Care reflects the trial and error of the Seattle giant, which is trying to become a legitimate player in an already very competitive sector. At the start of 2021, Amazon had given up on completing Haven, a project for a new healthcare reimbursement system initiated with the bank JPMorgan Chase and the Berskhire Hathaway conglomerate. The objective was to be more efficient and less expensive than the current offer. Since 2020, the group has also offered a prescription drug delivery platform, Amazon Pharmacy. The healthcare sector is whetting the appetites of tech giants, who see it as a natural extension of their business, from the perspective of dematerialization, artificial intelligence and data management.


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