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Amazon will not settle in Fontaine, six companies will take up space in the air park

The mayor of Fontaine, Pierre Fieter, has just heard the news after several months of uncertainty: “I just got the dates for the survey of the construction of the new industrial cells in the air park. It starts on December 5, 2022.

The mayor is relieved that his plan to create Amazon failed after a court ruling. It is therefore replaced by creation of six logistics units for local companies in place. But he remains concerned about the economic future of his Terrifortain village. “At the moment no one has contacted me to reserve a place, I don’t know if we will reach the thousands of jobs promised by Amazon.

A victory for the anti-Amazon

Environmental associations are excited. Friends of the Earth is actively fighting the American e-commerce giant. “This victory will serve as case law in the future” enthused Etienne Coubard, responsible for mobilizing the association.”But the decision must go further, it is political. We reached an agreement with Vailog, which is responsible for the construction of the future warehouse, but the project does not correspond to the energetic sobriety that is currently sought.

On May 31, Friends of the Earth, France Environnement 90 and Vailog reached one agreement at the Administrative Court of Besançon.

Amazon’s project for a single megacenter has been abandoned in favor of the construction of industrial cells of up to 12,000 square meters. Activists vow not to oppose this projectif these warehouses are intended for local logistics.

Amazon and Fontaine, a chaotic story

Because in two years, Amazon has seen all the colors of the Territoire de Belfort. In 2020, the company is applying for the construction of a center of 76,000 metres. The Town Hall of Fontaine, Greater Belfort and the Prefecture of the Belfort Territory acceptbut surrounding municipalities and environmental associations reject the American giant’s project, which is known for its unsafe working conditions and its propensity to pollute. Movements towards the center are then organized
and go to court.

As a result, the environmental associations Les Amis de la Terre, France Environnement 90, “La-Chapelle-sous-Rougemont”, “Living well in the village” and the communes of Larivière and Angeot constitute a appeal to challenge the building permitbecause it does not respond to ecological standards. Victoire, Vailog and Fontaine were even ordered to pay fines of €1,500 for accepting Amazon’s project in the first place.

The mayor of Fontaine, Pierre Fieter, will of course pay, but he stays questionable about the struggle of the environmentalists. “I understand the pollution and nuisance associated with the passage of trucks. But the new project also pollutes, and jobs are no longer guaranteed.

The battle between employment and ecology is still unresolved.



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