American refugee arrested because of his tattoos


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An American has been arrested in the UK. The man had decided to disappear to escape the rape charges that weighed on him in the United States, but he was discovered because of his tattoos.

An American criminal on the run in Scotland (UK) under a false identity was betrayed by his tattoos. Nicholas Rossi, 35, was the subject of an international arrest warrant for multiple charges of rape, sexual assault and fraud in the United States. His distinguishing mark is his tattooed arms. A Scottish nurse recognized them last year on a covid patient. The patient is stopped but he denies any connection with Nicholas Rossi.

Marked by the after-effects of covid, the man introduces himself as an Irishman named Arthur Knight. He says he was tattooed without his knowledge at the hospital and explains the disturbing similarity to manipulation.I’m not sure all his police photos are authentic.«, he asserted. But to be fair, the evidence is overwhelming, especially because of his fingerprints. US police suspect he fled to Scotland several years ago to escape prosecution. He even faked his death by posting fake obituaries The Internet in 2020. At the same time he married an Englishman who still supports him.

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