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an affiliate agreement and significant growth in sight?

IMPT is a new cryptocurrency which aims to revolutionize the CO2 credit system. It aims to incorporate them into blockchain technology to significantly improve the transparency and efficiency of this system. The end goal is to inspire their users to become greener and “buy more responsibly”.

The IMPT project now boasts over 25,000 partners, including Amazon

Over the past few weeks, The IMPT team has been extremely busy as its affiliate program has dramatically improved its product offerings. It didn’t take long for the success to be felt in the community and over 25,000 different brands were added to IMPT’s shopping platform.

These brands include some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Microsoft, Gamestop, River Island or even from Amazon.

The ESG industry continues to expand

In recent years, the industry has G has grown dramatically and this growth is expected to continue in the coming months and years.

According to predictions by Broadridge Financial Solutions total market value The ESG sector will exceed the $30 trillion mark by 2030. The carbon credit sector is expected to exceed $50 billion.

But most of the current operating mechanisms of the carbon credit market are based on encouraging companies to pollute less, rather than individuals. In fact, under the current system, companies must buy carbon credits if they want to pollute, and as fewer carbon credits are issued each year, it becomes progressively more expensive for companies to pollute. This measure is one of the tools used by Western governments to achieve their goals “net zero“set for 2030.

Socially responsible purchases

The IMPT project aims to change this state of affairs. This cryptocurrency wants to find new tricks to encourage individuals and companies for less pollution of the planet.

It is in this frame of mind that the platform launched its program socially responsible purchases. This provides a reward in the form of IMPT tokens to any user who makes purchases through the IMPT platform from companies with a high score on ESG metrics.

In just two weeks, the IMPT Presale has raised over $6 million, which shows great support for the project. Numbers like this are ample evidence of the incredible community support for this project.

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